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Our exquisite arrangements start at $50 and are delivered to the sorority house!

Fall Recruitment is upon us and the MCD team is as excited as you! The thrill of joining a sorority is one of the most exciting experiences of a college co-ed. As a loved one, you can help make this experience the best! With over 17 years of serving Greek Life at Alabama, our veteran staff is ready to take your PRE-ORDER today. Our uniquely created flower arrangements are guaranteed to be the freshest, highest quality flowers in Tuscaloosa. Starting at $50 with three pricing levels, all flowers are hand delivered to her new sorority house with a card attached from you! 

We want to be there every step of the way and help make Rush Week an unforgettable and stress-free experience for your soon-to-be sorority member. 

Go Greek and Roll Tide!!


To place an order for a bid day flower arrangement or to request more information, please complete the form below.


Why do we send flowers for new members?

Only the best gift ever! A flower arrangement, tailored to the sorority color or flower, is a terrific way to show your support particularly if you are back home, out of state. Each house will be filled with beautiful bouquets, simple to grand. Each sorority will have a special package already for the new members, so flowers are icing on the cake! 

How do I let you know which sorority to have the flowers delivered?

The good news is we handle that for you! As an allied member of the U of A Greek Affairs Office, we will receive the list outlining exactly where she will be on Bid Day. 

When do I need to place my order?

The sooner, the better! Easy right? 

What happens if she doesn’t get in a sorority or decides to withdraw?

Not a problem! We encourage our parents to send a happy anyway! Let’s just deliver them to her dorm, something cheery, with a card expressing luck for starting a new year of school! We of course, can also cancel the order if desired. 

When will the flower arrangements be delivered?

This year is a bit different. Because of the overwhelming numbers of new members, the University has simplified the process. After bids are offered, the girls will race to their new home, take photographs, eat, meet their new pledge class, and then will be whisked away on an overnight retreat. Every sorority house has given a specific delivery time for either Sunday or Monday, so that we can have everything in place when she returns “home”! We’re calling them, “New Member” packages… a new tradition with the same impact, the same surprise!